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Where you decide to draw benefits from your own ‘pot’ rather than purchase an income from an insurance company, this is known as Income Drawdown. There are numerous benefits such as superior death benefits, income flexibility (take as much income as you like when you like) and the option to purchase an annuity (guaranteed income) further down the line.

Due to these benefits, this is the way in which the majority of people now access their pensions.


Where you use your pension fund to purchase a guaranteed income for life, this is known as annuity purchase. This is the other option to Income Drawdown. Advantages of annuities are that they provide a guaranteed income for life and income can increase along with inflation. The major downsides to annuities is that they are poor value and they offer poor death benefits. However, when a person requires a guaranteed income for life, they can be the most suitable alternative.

Pension consolidation

Many people end up with a number of pension plans due to work history and personal circumstances. It is often much better to consolidate these into one plan. Reasons for doing so include:

  • Cheaper charges for larger funds
  • Easier to achieve a consistent investment approach
  • Ease of administration
  • Much easier to access money from just one pot

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